The Future of the Wine Market in Hong Kong, to 2016

wine graph

Today all eyes in the globe’s containers of wine business are on the emergent Chinese Market.“If you look at hong Kong you can see a bit of a review of how China will develop, even though Hong Kong at the moment is a much more Sophisticated industry for containers of wine than China suppliers,”Ten years ago European grapes containers of wine was a minor beverages classification for the nation’s 1.3 billion dollars potential customers.

Although there was both manufacturing and intake, it was nothing to evaluate with the large marketplaces for alcohol and local and brought in mood.Wine intake in hong Kong improved by 75.9 % between 2004 and 2008, and the Vin-expo/IWSR study predictions that growth will be around 70.8 % between 2009 and 2013, attaining 4.793 thousand nine-liter cases, the comparative of 57.5 thousand containers. The industry obtained a large increase when containers of wine tax was decreased to zero in the 2008 budget, and the hong Kong Govt declared its objective to set up the city as “the containers of wine hub of Asia”.


The review provides the newest, extremely details on characteristics in Hong Kong Wine industry, offering promoters with the essential details to understand their own, and their competitors’, position in the marketplace and the details to perfectly recognize where to contend in the future.

The review provides a exclusive mix of extremely granular industry data, based upon specific industry research, in order to offer specific understanding into the styles and characteristics impacting Wine industry in Hong Kong.

Custom segmentation of the industry provides exclusive opinions and ideas for promoters on the value, quantity, to give remarkable understanding into the industry.

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